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Essmat Sophie In Cannes Film Awards


Essmat Sophie's Statement at New York Film Festival. Festival Imagine This Woman Fim Festival

Essmat Sophie- Book Event- Oslo March 2024- Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins

8. March 2024- Norway- Speech- Woman. Life, Freedom Movement

Literary Award Ceremony- Ordknappen and The King's Medal of Merit In Norway

Sherko Bekas poems in Norwegian school textbook

All Women Protest Violence/ Essmat Sophie

Publishers interview about Essmat Sophie's book
(In the Storms eye) - عصمت صوفیه/ له چاوی زریاندا

Ordkanppen Prize to Essmat Sophie and May Harldsen. Sherko Bekas

One Legged angels

Essmat Sophie and Bayan Azizi. Kurdish and Iranina
#Me Too

Feminism and Nationalism by Essmat Sophie
( فمینیسم و ناسیونالیسم/ عصمت صوفیه)

Essmat Sophie- Poem about Shengal
عصمت صوفیه . شعری برای شنگال

Information Litteracy /Teaching how to search in Databases (Oslo University College)


Valg 2013 Norge Essmat Sophie/ Sophie Essmat


Sherko Bekas poems in Norwegian school textbook

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